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From purpose-built kennels and 20 acres of hunting land to dog-loving staff and exceptional training programs, we’ve got everything you need to be sure that your dog is in the very best hands.


If you’re looking for a stud dog to breed healthy, happy and genetically strong Labrador pups, or you want to buy a puppy from a responsible, kind breeder then you’re in the right place.

Gun Dog Training

Want a hunting companion that you can rely on? A well-trained gun dog can be every hunter’s best friend. But if you want a gun dog that performs at it’s best, you’ve got to get the training done right. ‍

Obedience Training

Looking to improve your pet’s behavior? Struggling with pulling, barking, poor recall or even aggression towards other dogs? Our dog obedience training is the solution to your pets needs.

Dog Boarding

Looking for somewhere that will take great care of your dog while you’re away? Here at Whitewater Retrievers, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet - they’re a part of your family!

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Exceptional Standards, Effective Programs & A Dog-Loving Attitude

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