Gun Dog Training

Want a hunting companion that you can rely on? A well-trained gun dog can be every hunter’s best friend. But if you want a gun dog that performs at it’s best, you’ve got to get the training done right. ‍

Creating Loyal, Obedient Hunting Companions

A gun dog is so much more than just a pet. A good gun dog will be your companion, your hunting partner and your loyal, obedient friend.

But if you want a gun dog that you can rely on, then you’ve got to get the training right.

"Rob at Whitewater Retrievers is hands down not only one of the best dog trainers, but also one of the best individuals I have ever met! He just got done training one of our golden retrievers that is 5 years old and had a lot of bad habits, but Rob was a MAGIC MAN with her and after being away for 3 weeks we came and picked her up and it was a whole new dog!  We also just got a new puppy and we work an hour away from our house and his facility is only 2 miles away from where my wife and I work and he helped us get out of a big bind by watching the puppy why we are at work and we don't have to worry about him. I feel like I have now found someone forever to help me with my dogs and I also feel like I have gained a really good friend!!! Don't bother looking around just call Rob and you will not be disappointed!!! - Chris R.

Here at Whitewater Retrievers, our gun dog training programs are second to none. Founded by Rob Ramer, trainer and owner of Cash - National Champion, World Champion and winner of 11 Super Majors, our gun dog training programs take your pup and turn it into the perfect hunting companion.  

Our 3 month “Board and Train” program completed in our purpose-built training center, with safe, secure and spacious kennels and more than 20 acres of hunting land to train on. Your dog will be trained by Rob, who will work with your dog to teach it the skills, obedience and recall that are required for a positive hunting experience.  

So if you’re looking to create an obedient, skilled and loyal hunting companion, then Whitewater Retrievers is exactly what you need.  

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Exceptional Standards, Effective Programs & A Dog-Loving Attitude

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