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Whitewater Retrievers

Whether you’re looking for a safe, friendly place for your dog to stay while you take a vacation, need a little help with your pet’s behavior you want to buy, breed or train a champion gun dog then you’re in the right place.

With Whitewater Retrievers, you’ll get an exceptional service, excellent results and healthy, happy dogs every time.

Founded by Gun Dog Training Champion, Rob Ramer, Whitewater Retrievers is dedicated to providing you with the very best dog boarding and training in Minnesota.

From dog boarding and pet obedience to professional gun dog training and breeding, we’ve got everything you need to keep your dog happy, safe and well-behaved.

Got a question? Just give us a call  - our friendly team will be happy to help!

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Our Services

Choosing someone to train your dog or take care of your pet while you’re away is a big decision. You want to be sure that your dog is safe, happy and treated respectfully.

Founded by dog lover and Champion Gun Dog Trainer, Rob Ramer, who took the world by storm with his multi-time champion Lab, Cash, Whitewater Retrievers offers only the very best in dog care and training.

From purpose-built kennels and 20 acres of hunting land to dog-loving staff and exceptional training programs, we’ve got everything you need to be sure that your dog is in the very best hands.

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Dog Boarding

A Clean, Safe Environment & Happy Dogs

Looking for somewhere that will take great care of your dog while you’re away? Here at Whitewater Retrievers, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet - they’re a part of your family!

From clean, spacious, purpose-built kennels with indoor and outdoor play areas, to dog-loving staff on-site 24 hours a day - we’ve got everything your dog needs to have a healthy, happy and safe experience while you enjoy your vacation.

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All Breed Dog Obedience Training

Improve Your Dog’s Behaviour Quickly & Easily

Looking to improve your pet’s behavior? Struggling with pulling, barking, poor recall or even aggression towards other dogs? Our dog obedience training is the answer.

Working personally with your dog on an individual basis, we’ll resolve any problem behaviors and give you the loyal, obedient and well-trained dog that you want. Day training and train and board both available.

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Gun Dog Training

Turn Your Pup Into A Hunting Champion

Want a hunting companion that you can rely on? A well-trained gun dog can be every hunter’s best friend. But if you want a gun dog that performs at it’s best, you’ve got to get the training done right.

Founded by Rob Ramer, trainer and owner of Ramers Instant Cash Machine "Cash" - National Champion, World Champion and winner of 11 Super Majors, Whitewater Retrievers offers you the very best gun dog training program in Minnesota.

Our 3 month board and train program can take your new pup and turn them into an obedient, skilled and loyal hunting companion.

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Labrador Breeding Program

Healthy, Happy Puppies

Whether you’re looking to buy a pedigree Labrador puppy or searching for a reliable stud dog to breed your own, it’s essential that you find a reputable, responsible breeder to ensure you get healthy, happy dogs.

Here at Whitewater Retrievers, our dogs are well cared for and undergo extensive scans, blood tests and checks to ensure good health.

Our stud dogs come from only the finest, championship bloodlines. Ensuring you get a strong, healthy and good-tempered dog that can be turned into a loyal pet or an exceptional hunting companion.  

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Exceptional Standards, Effective Programs & A Dog-Loving Attitude

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