Whitewater retrievers

About Us

Whitewater Retrievers was founded by dog lover and Champion Gun Dog Trainer, Rob Ramer, who took the world by storm with his multi-time champion Lab, Cash.

Over his 20 years of competing, Rob developed his skills and gained priceless experience that enabled him to create effective ways to communicate with and train dogs of all ages, whether they’re hunting dogs or family pets.

Throughout their competitive career, Rob & Cash competed all over the world, creating a somewhat legendary reputation.

He also sired some impressive pups, including master hunters, bird dog champions and even two bomb-sniffing dogs who work with the Marines to protect our troops!  

When Rob founded Whitewater Retrievers he had a clear goal in mind: to create a boarding, breeding and training center that people could trust to care for their dogs and deliver exceptional results - and that’s exactly what Whitewater Retrievers is.

Here at Whitewater Retrievers, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet, they’re your companion, a member of your family and your very best friend.

That’s why everything we do, whether it’s taking care of your dog while you’re away, teaching your pet to behave or training a champion gun dog to be your hunting buddy, is done with your dog’s health, happiness and safety in mind.

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